Bushings, Hole Plugs​


1 Heyco® Sealing Washers 2 Heyco® Custom Engraved Tops for Plugs 3 Heyco® Stock and Custom* Colors for Dome Plugs and Shorty Plugs


Mounting Hole Diameter Range: .187" (4,7 mm) to 6.000" (152,4 mm).  Close unneeded panel holes and electrical knockouts, Quick and easy installation, Convex, matte finish head tapers to thin edge (Except DP-187), Multiple sizes for use in .187" (4,7 mm) to 6.000" (152,4 mm) diameter holes,


Offer the convenience of a push-in plug with the plugging quality of a threaded plug. Designed to fit SAE and NPT thread sizes. Available in multiple sizes from SAE 1/4 through SAE 7/8 threaded holes.


Mounting Hole Diameter Range: .187" (4,7 mm) to 2.000" (50,8 mm).  Smooth, glossy head provides easy glide and shiny finish.  Close unneeded panel openings.  Quick and easy installation.  Locking fingers in fractional increments up to the maximum panel thickness.


Mounting Hole Diameter Range: .49" (12,5 mm) to 1.98" (50,2 mm).  Simple to install snap LTB into place, cut cable end at a 45° angle, pierce thin LTB membrane then insert and pull back cable to form a liquid tight seal.  Available in Black and Gray color.  Provide light strain relief to the cable.  Can be used as a liquid tight plug. Offers protection to IP 67.  Ozone and weather resistant.


For Panel Thicknesses from .02" (0,5 mm) to .18" (4,6 mm).  Mounting Hole Diameter Range: .37" (9,4 mm) to 3.00" (76,2 mm).  Close unneeded sheet metal panel holes in equipment such as automobile bodies, tanks, refrigeration units, etc. Recessed "button" head style. Retaining bead snaps easily into place. Available in multiple sizes from .37" (9,4 mm) through 3.0" (76,2 mm) diameter holes.


Maximum Panel Thickness .125" (3,2 mm) Mounting Hole Diameter Range: .500" (12,7 mm) to 1.375" (34,9 mm).  Oil tight, rain tight, submersible.  UL certified for outdoor applications. V0 Flammability rating. Install with fingertip pressure (no tool required).


Small, snap-in nylon receptacles for low cost, insulated, quick connection or disconnection of your wires, through panels, housings or detachable shrouds. Typical uses are data processing and vending machines, motors, power supplies, and controls. Non-polarized HEYConnects feature 1/4˝ (6,4 mm) internal brass male terminals, to mate with standard 1/4˝ (6,4 mm) female Quick-Connects.


HEYCaps Series CRT Caps for Round Tubing make economical, attractive glides for household and patio furniture; office tables, chairs and equipment; utility carts and exercise equipment. As finishing caps for both tubing and rods, they cover any scratches, burrs or distortions that may result from cutting operations. Provide protection against injury from sharp rod and tubing edges.


Convert raw-edged holes to smooth, neat, insulated holes. Insulate and mechanically protect electrical and telecommunications cables, tubing, hose, rope, and utility lines. Locking fingers snap into holes with fingertip pressure. Locking fingers in fractional increments up to the maximum panel thickness. Withstand a push back force of 35 pounds. Available in multiple sizes for use in .250" (6,4 mm) to 6.00" (152,4 mm) diameter holes.